Month: October 2015

Things you might not know a neck lanyard can do

Most people think of lanyards as nothing more than a piece of rope or cord tied to their necks. However, what most people don’t see is that it actually is an effective promotional tool.

Effective marketing/promotional tool

Imagine, an organization’s logo or an image you want to advertise is imprinted on their neck lanyards. Then, wear it around your neck and go around. Yes, just go around in any place wearing your lanyard. You can sit, drink, or even dance around. You just have to make sure that you wear that lanyard. How does this help in the promotion of the material you say? Well, by simply donning your lanyard and going to several locations, you unknowingly promote and market the material by letting it be seen by people. Although marketing/advertising is not as simple as showing a product to a potential customer with the hopes that they will buy the product, it allows these potential customers to know that your product exists. It also increases the recall of people to the product, especially if you frequent a certain place. This technique becomes more effective when the wearer of the lanyards increases. As more and more people wear the lanyard, the “reach” of the product also increases. Lanyards are the perfect mobile campaign tools because they can reach several people at an inexpensive cost. Lanyards are customizable and are very easy to store. They are also durable and can easily endure extreme conditions ensuring you that they are there when you need them. A good design combined with a number of lanyard wearers can result in a very successful marketing campaign.

Spice up your outfit

Neck LanyardsLanyards do not seem to be a fashionista’s best friend, but they do come in handy when you need something to add spunk to your clothing. Be it formal or casual, neck lanyards can be worn as an additional accessories to clothing. What’s more, you can attach an object to a lanyard adding more possible styles to your outfit. Lanyards can be of different colors and are cheap, so if you have different lanyards, you can mix and match it together with your clothing pieces. Very neat right?

Saving your life

Neck lanyards can save your life in certain situations. Imagine if you are traveling to a foreign land and you accidentally lose all your papers and important documents. Without this, you can’t prove who you are and you might even be taken advantage of by the locals. Luckily, if you have a lanyard, you can attach all the important IDs or documents (you can fold it) and place it in a pouch which can be carried by the lanyard. Wearing the lanyard by the neck, you are guaranteed that you will never lose the important items on your travels and these items are always within reach. Lanyards can also be used as a tie or rope and given their durability, you can be sure that they will hold on to whatever they are tied for the time being. Provided that you are not too heavy, they can also be used to pull yourself up when attached to poles. This will be helpful when you (desperately) need to reach higher places and you don’t have other means to go up.

Neck lanyards may seem insignificant and just another simple accessory, but like other things, they can be used in a variety of ways provided you are creative and resourceful enough. The next time you see a lanyard, be sure to stuff it in your pocket because you don’t know when it will come in handy.

Embedded Memories in Custom Challenge Coins

Anyone can make use of custom challenge coins for whatever purpose they may have. Before, only military men use the custom coins with a purpose of strengthening the bond within a unit. It is also their superior’s way of showing appreciation to the members of his unit.

Today, the custom coins are being used by several groups and serve different purposes. Businessmen, organizations, other government units, and private individuals find ways to use the custom coins to their advantage. Different groups use them to promote something, raise awareness, serve as mementos or giveaways, or award someone or give recognition.

The Memories in the Coin

There are people who hire a coin maker to mint the custom coins to commemorate an important anniversary, milestone, or any important day that they wish to be remembered for a long time. The custom coins need to be different from the other coins that also represent a special day. The custom coins are usually given to a select group of people. There are some individuals who collect the unique coins.

Every edition of the custom challenge coins hold an important memory to cherish. The coin could be an award for a job well done, a wedding favor from a dear friend, or just a promotional item which the receiver got on the day when something amazing happened to her.

custom coinsDifferent individuals may choose to keep the custom coins for the valuable information they contain or for sentimental reasons. There are recipients who keep the coins because they regard it as a lucky charm. Whatever reason the recipient holds, the memories in the coin also play an important role in making the recipient keep the coin for a long time.

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins really hold an important memory that should be remembered for a long time. There are companies that release limited edition commemorative coins during their silver anniversary. Only the invited guests in the gathering can have one of the commemorative coins. There are times when the commemorative coins are given as gifts to chosen clients.
There are individuals who commission a coin maker to create commemorative coins to mark a special occasion in their family. It could be a grand family reunion after so many years, or for a much simpler reason.

The custom challenge coins that are minted into commemorative coins might have higher value than the others. They are more precious because the memories they hold for someone are priceless.

Custom Coins and a Wedding

After determining the coin maker to hire, it is prudent to plan the best time to mint your custom coins, the design you will use, the people to share the coins with, and other matters. It is also important that the coin maker knows exactly what you want for your coins.

There are people who use custom coins as giveaways or wedding favors. The guests are often close family and friends, and the couple wants their guests to remember their special day. The custom coins as wedding favors become more precious to the people involved. The memories that are embedded in the coins made them so. It is an occasion that the couple only wants to share with the people they hold dear.

Some carry their custom coin wedding favor wherever they go. They even have a coin holder to make sure that they won’t lose their coin.

The custom challenge coins might mean nothing to one person, but they could mean a lot to someone else or to a group of people. The value of the custom coin is not always measured by how much was spent in producing it, the real value depends on its rarity, usefulness, or how the owner treasures it.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs can be seen hanging on the beams in the golf shops everywhere because of its increasing popularity. The hybrid club is a cross between a fairway wood and long iron. If you do not have this type of club yet and you are still struggling with using 2- or 3-iron, this article explains the reasons why you must consider getting one for your collection of golfing equipment.

The hybrid club has some advantages over the conventional long iron. Many golfers carry 2-, 3-, or 4-iron because they want to hit USGA’s 14-club limit.

Club Head Design

The long iron has changed from having a blade design to having a cavity back style. The latter has an even thickness from toe to heel, so you would have a greater force at impact compared to when you’re using a blade-type club (in which the very center of the clubface has to be struck for a strong impact as the blade becomes thinner near the heel and toe).

Hybrid clubs are built with a huge amount of perimeter weighting so the club head design is bigger and hollower than that of the cavity back iron. Thus, if you are inclined to striking the clubface off-center (toe or heel), you will have a much more consistent impact than the other clubs. Moreover, most hybrid designers have included a “roll and bulge” into the club face, which refers to the face progression’s slight roundness from heel to toe.

The reason for this is that if you strike the ball off the heel (for right-handed players), it would create spin back to the right because of its gear effect. Alternatively, if you strike the ball off the toe, it would create spin to the left.

Sole Design

Hybrid clubsThe conventional iron has a very slim bottom or sole, so it would allow the golf club to “dig” into the turf. If you swing it correctly, with your hands in front of the club head creating a downward strike on the golf ball, you can take the right turf and create spin on the ball. Unfortunately, most golfers are having difficulty striking using this method. They are more likely to hit long irons in an attempt to produce more lift to the golf ball. They are also inclined to strike with their hands at the back of the club-head at contact (aka “lifting motion”).

As a result, the slim sole of the iron would dig into the turf, with the turf usually flying further than the golf ball. The sole of hybrid clubs is much broader to lessen this issue. With a broader sole, the club head would “slide” along the turf, removing or reducing the possibility of getting a divot before hitting the ball. Moreover, because of the wider sole and bigger club head design of the hybrid, it has better weight distribution, allowing it to create more lift. Compared to the conventional iron, the hybrid produces a higher launch angle because it has a lower center of gravity.

Shaft and Length

The structure of conventional iron is made of steel shafts. On the other hand, most hybrid clubs are made of graphite shafts. Since graphite is normally lighter than steel, the golfer can swing the club faster and can produce more club head speed, creating a much higher spin rate on the ball. Most of the hybrids also have a lower flex point, resulting in much higher lift.

Without a doubt, there are many advantages to using hybrids. Still, before you invest in them, it would also be best to learn about their downsides.