Month: June 2016

A Storage Container in Action

storage containerMoving isn’t exactly one of the easiest things to do in the world. It’s expensive, time-consuming and just an overall pain in the ass but we do it anyway. Let’s face it, we often feel a deep sense of attachment to our things—even to those we absolutely hate or don’t even use in the first place. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this before, and although this never really had any connection to moving, it’s always hard to part with the things you love.

We know, saying goodbye is one of the hardest parts of moving how the hell are you supposed to cram your entire space into a box or a bag? “They’re just stuff. I don’t even need them around anymore, it’s fine.” Try as you’d like to repeat these mantras to yourself, you know they still matter even if you say they don’t. Even psychology says there’s a much deeper explanation to every humans’ attachment to “stuff”; so don’t worry, collecting stuff really is normal.

That collection of pebbles you got from your visit to the beach? They were a remembrance of a fun day with friends. Don’t get me started on those old books you’ve had since college—letting go may be hard, but packing’s definitely harder. “How to be a smart packer? How to let go of stuff and move on… to another space?” you might be asking yourself these questions and trust me, finding answers isn’t easy but at, we might just have what you’re looking for.

containerIt’s exhausting to think about all the things you’ll need to do before a move; there’s papers that need handling and a whole lot of packing and sorting that needs to be done. You might be stuck in your apartment thinking of packing the entire place and moving into another, but realize you must that purging isn’t only a thing of the movies. And by purging, I mean stuff and not people. If there’s ever a good time to clean your closets and drawers out, this is it. Moving is the perfect opportunity to actually clean with a clear sense of purpose.

You’re almost always given the choice between cardboard and plastic before making the big move, but which do you choose? Boxes are often the most common choice when you’re out on the dangerous mission of throwing junk away from your apartment or house. They’re pretty cheap plus you can throw almost anything in them, but then you’re going to have to face the big dilemma of where to put the boxes in and how you’re going to move them. Sometimes, your good old car trunk just won’t make the cut.

Moving far away can be exciting, terrifying and stressful or may even be a mix of the three; a whole lot of creative thinking’s involved and you’re faced with the never ending question of what and what not to pack. Sure, boxes can indeed come in handy and the fact that they come in all sorts of sizes makes everything a whole lot easier, but where are you supposed to put them in? Carrying one or two boxes is one thing, but how are you going to carry a dozen? You simply don’t have enough arms for that sort of job.

Here’s an easy solution though imagine having a collection of boxes and putting them in an even bigger box that’s movable or attachable to a set of wheels. Wouldn’t that make the entire process speedy and easy? A storage container can do the job for you.

Now here’s the juice on what a storage container is—a storage container isn’t those plastic containers you use to store toys or food in, they’re a whole lot sturdier than that. A storage container was built to withstand loads that normally require a whole lot of work for humans, and the greatest thing about them? They’re attachable to cars! If you’ve ever seen those moving companies with those huge crate-like bulks their vehicles drag along, then you’ve seen a storage container in action.

So whether you’re planning on moving far away, to the next block or just across the street, you have to be a smart packer. Plan a strategy out and stick with it. It’s going to be hard, but trust me when I say it’s going to be worth your efforts.

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Skills You Need to Look for in a Long Island Web Design Professional

It’s a given fact that it entails technical skills for an individual to be a web design professional. However, there are other skills a web designer should have to be successful in this field. These skills are developed through time by having formal education, training and years of work experience.

When working with a Long Island Web Design professional, you want to have someone who is not only technically competent. Being technically skilled alone may not always get you the result you wanted.

Here are other skills you need to look for in a Long Island Web Design professional:


FlexibilityThis refers to the ability of a web designer to learn not only the required technical knowledge as a web designer but also the desire to improve on other technical skills that can augment his talent.

For some designers, they don’t believe that there is a need to study HTML. If you think about it, HTML is crucial in coding and it provides the designer a better grasp of the dynamics of the web.

A designer should also know how to utilize Flash to create an interactive design and better graphics which can consequently make the website more appealing. SEO is another skill that a web designer must possess.


VisualizationSome of the great web designers utilize the basic pen and paper in visualizing their ideas. This allows them to engage in their own thoughts first before laying them all out electronically.

Great designers also let their clients look at the overall design of the page, less all the colors and texts. Why is this important? This way, the client will have an idea of how the entire website is going to look without any distraction.

•Listening Skill.

Web designing is not a decision solely based on the designer. The focus of the design should cater to the needs and demands of the client. A Long Island web design professional you need to look for is someone who asks you what exactly you want to accomplish. If the designer knows this, he will most likely come up with the best design suitable for you.


ProactiveAnother trait you should expect from your designer is his ability to be proactive. Some designers are highly passionate in delivering the result the client needs. They take time to study the target market of the client. Instead of immediately jumping into the design, this kind of web designer does his research and aims to fully understand that specific audience.

He is also willing to test and retest his design by gathering feedback from the client. He understands that even though his design is brilliant, he still needs to adapt to what his client wants.

•Sense of Design.

To excel in web design, it is important that the Long Island web design team you are working with knows the basic design principles such as spacing, color, flow and proportion. At the same time, they must know how to follow their intuition of good and bad.

This is something that cannot be learn from school but comes with extensive work experience.

•Business Skill.

This might be surprising but a web designer should know business skills. This is important in discussing ideas with the client, earning their trust and eventually receiving their business in the future. A web designer who knows how to deal with his clients will most likely get good referrals.

Another aspect of business skill is customer service. This means that a reliable Long Island web design professional is responsive to client’s inquiries by phone or email. No matter how difficult a client can be, a great web designer knows how to handle him.