An addition to the things that come in twos—lanyard and badge holder

Western culture is peppered with things that come in twos. From superheroes, there is the famous dynamic duo of all time, Batman and Robin. In food some of the more popular pairs are salt and pepper, cake and ice cream, bacon and eggs, wine and cheese. There is hugs and kisses for human expression. For objects, hammer and nail, pens and pencils, nuts and bolts come to mind. Jack and Jill, Romeo and Juliet, Yin and Yang, the list goes on and on.

While in the corporate setting, it is safe to say then that fast gaining popularity as the new pair to reckon with is the lanyard and badge holder. Soon this pair will probably be known as part of the things that come in twos around the world. What’s a lanyard without a badge holder to hold the identification cards for visibility? And what’s the use of badge holders holding the IDs without the lanyards to hang in from. Clearly, like many things that come in twos, one cannot simply exist without the other.

To further emphasize the point, the more intricate and fashionable designs lanyards have now become, badge holders have also evolved from simple plastic squares to leather and other hard and soft materials and now also come in different shapes and sizes. As lanyards become more sophisticated, so do the badge holders at its end which displays the important identification and access cards. Who knows, the lanyard that people put around their necks was invented with badge holders in mind, or it could be vice versa.

Badge holderIt is so hard to miss the pair when you walk around schools or business districts or practically anywhere for that matter. You walk in in a movie theater and you can see the ushers/usherettes wearing them. You go to a police station, you can see the detectives’ badges hanging from their necks prominently. You go to a hospital and you can see the attendants, nurses and even doctors wear them. You check in at a hotel, you won’t miss them. It can sometimes get to a point that because of its familiarity, not wearing one can make a person seem like out of place or stand out from the normal crowd.

In today’s modern world, no matter where you go, you would surely encounter a person wearing a lanyard either holding an ID or a cell phone hanging from it. Others have keys and some other small objects hanging from their lanyards aside from their IDs. The pair has already become part of modern culture that has been successfully embedded in people’s minds. It has become part of people’s everyday lives.

Of course, the pair is most associated with security. Aside from ease of identification, its visibility assures that only authorized persons are allowed access to certain areas in a building, office, school, etc. The pair is like a walking security guard announcing the wearer is authorized to be where he/she is supposed to be. But like any other form of security, the pair is not immune from breach, in fact far from it. While it reinforces identification, it is also the most easy to counterfeit and the least fool-proof as a form of security. The IDs and special access passes the badge holders house are far more sophisticated and hard to duplicate.

No matter, it is quite undisputable that this pair of lanyard and badge holder is now part and parcel of this generation and probably for the generations to come, judging by its presence in some sci-fi movies, albeit a lot more sophisticated in design and feature.

An addition to the things that come in twos—lanyard and badge holder