Banded Together: Knowing different types of Rubber Wristbands

rubberwristbandsRubber wristbands looks like circular strips which are usually built from silicone, terrycloth and other types of materials, mostly tailor-made depending on how they would be used. Such accessories are typically used today as a decoration around the wrist and are usually designed to highlight a special occasion, a cause or a personality someone supports. In other cases, they are used as a means of identifying an individual attending a massive event.

Being familiar to the types of bands will make any individual aware of the choices they will make before they decide to have one. Nobody wants to have their money and time wasted by having the wrong type of bands. Below are common classifications of rubber wristbands, the materials used to create them and how they are suited for anyone’s needs;

1.Customized Wristband – Personalized according to the customer’s taste, this type of band are more convenient to people who are not trying to mass-produce their creations. It is more likely to be unique in terms of design, and will usually stand out even if the wearer is in a large crowd. Eye-catching colors and decorations are major points to consider in checking if a band is personally customized or not.

2.Event Wristband – Signifies attendance to an event, it is given as a complementary gift to the attendees of a recently concluded concert, festivals, or conventions. In other cases, these types of bands are given before entering an event area to identify who are allowed to enter. These are usually imprinted with the name of the performers, sponsor of the event, or a catch phrase that can easily be associated it. Collectors often spend a lot just to get event wristbands that they have failed to acquire firsthand.

3.Medical Wristband – Used primarily inside medical institutions like hospitals, rehabilitation centers and laboratories. It identifies patients, their current medical conditions, and various other details that can be used to diagnose them more quickly. Sizes of these rubber wristbands differ depending on the size of the patient’s wrist. The details are laser-printed, handwritten, thermal imaged, or embossed to the band to ensure that the patient is properly tagged. Common details such as pictures, barcodes, and name of the patient are written on it.

4. Silicone Wristband – The common symbol used to represent a common cause. This is often made of silicone. This has become a very popular type of bands because of its affordability and customizability. Imprinted Logos of brands, sports organization, names of cause-oriented groups are the usual designs which can be seen on them.

5.Sweatband – Mostly built from a towel-like material called Terrycloth, this are usually used to wipe off sweat easily and are more commonly seen worn by athletes of all kinds. Alternatively, it is used as a fashion accessory by sports fans.

6.Ultraviolet (UV) Wristbands – These types of bands change color when exposed to certain amounts of ultraviolet rays (like those from the sun). They usually appear as white when they are still not exposed to UV rays, and commonly become fuchsia or blue. These serve as a reminder that the wearer needs to stay away from the source of UV rays and should apply decent amounts of sunscreen when going outside is unavoidable. As you may know, UV is capable of causing certain terminal illnesses.

Whatever kind of rubber wristbands an individual wears, the most important thing to consider is if it would be comfortable when worn, and will not be a cause for trouble, especially when going outside. It will not hurt to think about comfort over being flashy and glamorous every now and then.

Banded Together: Knowing different types of Rubber Wristbands

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