Motivational Speakers and Objectivity

Attaining objectives may be simple or hard. And if ever a company loses sight of its original mission and vision all in the name of profit and market dominance in the short term, it will find itself drowning into a downward spiral of bankruptcy or forced closure.

This is where motivational speakers enter the picture. They provide a much-needed shot of objectivity to get the company back to its roots. But what exactly is objectivity?

Keynote speakersObjectivity can be defined in two ways when talking about the goals of the company. The first definition is from a philosophical perspective, and it is described as the state of being true despite the biases and interpretations of the subjects. Simply put, objectivity is something that is true, and everyone agrees with it. The second definition is from a journalistic perspective, and it is described as fairness and neutrality. Simply put, objectivity is the absolute lack of biases. The two definitions can be molded together to form something that can be called “win-win” – where everyone involved benefits and no one loses or gets cheated.

Motivational speakers implement objectivity by reminding everyone in the company of the entity’s original goals, which are stated in the company’s mission and vision. They straighten out what really needs to be done and advices the higher-ups not to get all too crazy with profits, turnovers, and acquisitions, not to spread out too thin in the products and services lineup, and not to be over-fixated on ideas.

Companies who may not be familiar with motivational speakers all ask one question: How do they exactly implement objectivity in the first place? They simply get to the plain, undiluted or unembellished truth. They ask both ordinary employees and the higher-ups what is currently going on with the company and how the day-to-day operations stick to the original vision and mission. The truth may be harsh, but it is still the truth. When taken from the philosophical perspective, everyone in the company must know that the truth is there for all of them to see. If there are any corporate secrets that may be in danger of being exposed in the process of presenting the truth, the higher-ups can give vague yet substantial clues to what the secrets are without causing a scandal. When taken from the journalistic perspective, all parties involved are treated as equals. The company’s competitors can also be brought into the equation of fairness, as competition among businesses must be healthy and not marred with mud-slinging.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, motivational speakers provide objectivity in many other ways. Rapport and camaraderie between the employees and higher-ups, or even among the employees and among the high-ups, is enhanced. Since everyone in the company knows the plain truth, it is time for them to get their acts together for the betterment of the company itself. Get more details from

With improved communication, ideas that are usually shut out of the board meeting can be brought up with no disagreements that may lead to hot-headed fist fights. Everyone involved can weigh on many possible ideas and can either pick the best idea out of the bunch or compile all the ideas into one solidified idea that will eventually have a great benefit on the company as a whole.

With objectivity, the target market(s) of the company can also be given more due focus. The motivational speaker can be a great fan of either the company or one of its products or services. With this in mind, he/she will provide his/her outsider’s perspective and contribute it to the plain truth that everyone in the company must hear. It is important that the speaker himself/herself has no biases when offering his/her perspective.

Motivational Speakers and Objectivity