Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Old Westbury Real Estate

Old Westbury is a village located within New York and regarded as the second richest town in the United States and the wealthiest suburb in New York. It has been home to some of the America’s richest families and also serves as a home to many businessmen, athletes, industrialists, and collectors. Because of the beauty and tranquility of the area, it is not surprising to know that real estate is seeing better days here. Visit site to know more about old westbury real estate.

What makes an area ideal for those who are looking to buy properties? Here are several factors:


real estateThe more amenities a town has, the better it is to live in. These amenities include grocery stores, shopping establishments, schools, parks, and libraries. Although Old Westbury does not have any grocery stores, public transit, fitness centers, and cafés within a mile from the center, there are 3 shopping centers, 15 schools, 2 libraries, and a public park which are already good enough for people who prefer living in a suburban area.

2.Cost of Living

One of the reasons why Old Westbury is regarded as the second richest town in America is because of the high cost of living in it, which is greater than the New York average by a whopping 389.9%. In comparison to that of New York’s prices, it was surveyed that the cost of gas, coffee, and pizza are more than 10% higher.


A good reason why Old Westbury is a good place to live in is because of its low crime rate. Crime indices show that New York holds a 61% crime rate greater than that of Old Westbury. Violent crimes are lower than the whole of New York by 100% and property crimes are 58% lower in Old Westbury.


A place is hardly livable if there is not enough employment in the area. In Old Westbury, the income per capita was recorded to be greater by 150.6% than the New York average.


Value for homes in Old Westbury is greater by 211.1%. However, the prices of homes are naturally greater than the New York average by about 613.7%. Although investing in Old Westbury real estate is no cheap deal, potential buyers would be able to make sure that the properties they buy are proven to be of great value.


Old Westbury houses 2 public schools, 2 private schools, 2 post-secondary schools, and 2 universities and colleges.

Buying Old Westbury real estate can be either good or bad for your finances depending on the people with whom you will do business. This is why you should never go wrong in choosing the right real estate company. However, once you are able to get a good property, you will find living in Old Westbury enjoyable and peaceful.

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Old Westbury Real Estate
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